Monday, January 15, 2007

Want to become a chacha guide and earn $5 to $10 /Hr. ??

All you need is an invitation from a master chacha guide and once you prove that you can become a great guide to help people find the information they are looking for you can start...

earning about $5 to $10 and hour. I managed to find this link that has addresses of a few master guides of chacha.
I am not sure whether those email addresses are authentic and if they still have invitations left with them. I haven't yet heard from them, I mailed to the first three ids on the list.

I have this master idea that might help!! why not give a try to use chacha guide itself and ask them if they can help you become a guide :). I myself tried this and I understood that as of now this ChaCha search guide program is open to only US residents.

I am on looking for an invite, if you get one direct one to me as well pls.. :)


Scorpion™ a.k.a. Kaushal said...

I have many invites left with me. Kindly send me an email to for more details. I can also give you free tips on cracking the test.
Note: Applicants must be 18 or above
Should be a US citizen
Should have a valid SSN for payment purposes.

Chris said...

You DO NOT make that kind of money. It is a scam. Read the blog It will give you the real scoop on this travesty.

Scorpion™ a.k.a. Kaushal said...

No Chris you are wrong. I myself make 6-8$ per hour. ChaCha is legitimate.
Want to become a ChaCha Guide. I have many invites left with me. Kindly send me an email to for more details.

Jacob Abraham said...

Want to become a Cha Cha guide? With my referral you have a better chance to get in! Just enter into the guide referral box. Apply here at: