Wednesday, November 01, 2006

iPod shuffle, world’s smallest digital music player, clip and go

If you were waiting to buy the world's smallest music player, your wait is almost over. Apple Inc. has announced that it will start selling it's much awaited world's smallest music player from Nov 3 2006. The price of this world's smallest music player by Apple will be

$79. The size is just half of the original iPod shuffle which makes it the most wearable iPod ever. You can just clip this tiny music player on the pocket of your shirt and start swinging to your collection of 240 songs, it comes inbuilt with the clip and the battery charge lasts for 12 Hrs ;).

This world's smallest music player capacity is 1GB and it can hold upto 240 songs.
For $79 you will get the iPod shuffle with built in clip + ear-bud headphones + iPod shuffle dock.

Read more from apple's official website...


Friday, October 27, 2006

copy/ download/ record music from online radio stations and sites like

For so many reasons at times you want to copy songs from online streaming radio stations or from online music sites and you sometimes do it successfully and at times you spend hours searching for a tool to do this. Here is a great tool for all your online streaming audio recording needs.

This online streaming audio recording software tool called SoundTap is a single solution to all your recording needs....

No matter what security is implemented on the online music streaming site to protect the songs from being copied this music recording software will rip the osng off the online player and store it on your local computer as long as you are able to play them online. So, you can rip any music off the net from online streamimng sources as long as you can play them and once yu rip them you have it on computet forever.

Its very easy to use and filled with useful features

Here are the list of features:
* Records a direct digital copy of any audio played on your PC with no loss of quality.
* Saves files in wav or mp3 format with a wide range of selected codec and compression options.
* You can select to either listen while you record streaming audio or save audio silently.
* Ability to record and mix microphone input to capture both sides if you are using SoundTap to recording a VoIP or Conference conversation (optional).
* Recordings can be searched quickly by date, time, duration or format.
* Works with almost all media players (eg. Windows Media Player, Real Audio, QuickTime) and softphones (eg. Skype, eyeBeam, Express Talk).
* Directly links to the WavePad Sound Editor Software so you can edit the files you have recorded.
* Directly links to the Switch Mp3 File Converter Software so you can convert the files from mp3 to over 20 other file formats if you need it in another format.
* Directly links to the Express Burn CD Burner Software to record to CD.
* Very easy to install and use.

Download Page :


Saturday, October 07, 2006

Online Dating hits the Traffic, signal is SearchPlate

Now you can start your online dating life right from the middle of traffic!!
How many times has this happened to you that you see a probable gorgeous/ handsome date in the car next to your's, right when you are stuck in the middle of traffic and you found yourself lost in her/ him. The traffic clears and all you are left with is memories of that moment.

What if there was a way to initiate a contact with that stranger and prabably fix a date?? Here comes the great innovative idea in online dating( I personally see it as online dating kickin offline).

SearchPlates offers a service that allows you to send an email to anyone just by using their license plate number.

All you need to contact that lost stranger is the license plate number and you are all set to try your luck.

This is how it works:
>you take down the license plate number of the stranger you want to initiate contact with.
>go to SearchPlate web site, key in the number and send the message.
>next time the stranger logins to SearchPlate, will see your message ;)

Dating is not the only thing that's possible through this awesome online service. Along with dating this service can also be useful in these ways:
>compliment someone's driving (great driving will never go unappreciated anymore)
>complain bad driving (If you missed to take your frustration out in the rush hour)
>ask question about their car ( you liked the modified car and want to know where to get it done)
>make friends (got bored of online life, make friends and get some life OFFLINE)

As a promotional offer you can also win a lot of cash and prizes while you are on your way to make new contacts :)

if you are still stuck with the memories of that stranger is the way to go.......


Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Grab it before it’s over :). AffiliateGod offers 100% free websites

If you haven’t yet heard about it, it’s the time to hurry; AffiliateGod is giving you a 100% free website!!!

Who is AffiliateGod?

AffiliateGod is known for their top selling e-Book, they had released their e-book about five months ago and they surprised themselves by passing their one year goal.

Why free website?

Because of the recent success that AffiliateGod had, they are giving it back to those who are just getting started with their online affiliate business.

What does it mean to me?

1) It means that you get the $399(normal price) website for absolutely free.

2) This website is an affiliate website loaded with hottest program that pays over $33 every time you refer someone to them.

3) You don’t need to have any HTML or technical knowledge, your full functional money making site will be up and running within 24 to 48 hours.

4) AffiliateGod has partnered with MidPhase to give you another $105 of free advertising credit with Yahoo, Search 123, and Enhance.

5) You also get a complete waiver of the setup fee $29.95 from MidPhase.

Do I really get everything for free?

Everything but the identification and a base. You need to have a domain name (your business identification on the web) and a hosting space to have your website running and serving your customers from there.

You will need to make a one time investment of about $95 and this will keep your affiliate business running for minimum one year.

Why do I need to pay when it’s a free offer?

You are paying for the domain name and the hosting service to MidPhase who will keep your website running for at least one year (unless you decide to renew them at the end of plan).

So, what’s free?

The website that is fully loaded with the money making affiliate program and unique content specially designed for you (normal cost is $399), is completely free for you from AffiliateGod.

Not only that, your setup fee at MidPhase is free and you get a $105 worth of free advertising credit.


Monday, October 02, 2006

Fix for Expandable posts on blogger in beta

I was looking for a way to make my posts expandable so that I can divide my big articles in "summary" and "read more" parts. I discovered this amazing hack to do this (here is the originag hack to do this) . I followed all the instructions as given there but things din't work for me as expected.

I got the "Read More..." link and "Summary" links in place but still my whole post was visible on the main page. Clicking on "Read More" will simply change it to "Summary" without actually doing any action on the post.

After spending a few hours loooking through the code I discovered that there is this tweaking that is required while you are following the steps given on the above mentioned link.

The code thats needs tweaking looks like this :

After modifying this should look like this :

Hope it helped :)


Holiday season products lineup from HP

This holiday season HP has introduced three high-definition products based on the HD-DVD digital media format.

It includes:

1 ) A a 17-inch widescreen diagonal HD-DVD notebook PC with a piano-black HP Imprint finish and patterned design.

2) An HD-DVD Media Center TV PC with 7.1 surround sound.


3) An HD-DVD external drive for PCs

HP's Holidyas product lineup list:

* HP Pavilion dv9000t Series Entertainment Notebook PC

* HP Pavilion Media Center TV m7600n Series PC

* HP High Definition DVD-ROM Drive

* HP Media Vault mv2010/mv2020

* HP Pocket Media Drive

* HP iPAQ rx5000 series Travel Companion


Sunday, October 01, 2006

Google wallpaper application

Sounds familiar?? wait people, It's not google screensaver application. Google Wallpaper Application is developed by a one of google's fan and is not a product from googleplex but it's a very kool wallpaper utility.

Here is how it works :
The application allows you to specify any number of keywords to use for the image search for the wallpapers, time interval and whether to use the safe search or not.

One you are done specifying these, this Google Wallpaper Application will pick some random keyword from the specified list, will do a google image search (only high quality images), pick a random image from the first result page and then once the interval is met it will set the image as the wallpaper :).

Don't worry, the google wallpaper does all these in the background. Be happy, the wallpaper image will keep changing after the specified interval of time.

Time to use this google wallpaper application and fall in love with it :)
Downlaod Google Wallpaper application from here : click me to download

Simple look of the Google Wallpaper Application :

click me to download


Easiest way to lose weight instantly

With the new HP digital range of cameras anyone can lose weight or at least look slender instantly. You can visit those slimming centre later on to actually loose weight and look slender but for a quick change of look youcan try these cameras from HP :).

With the slimming feature in the new HP digital range of cameras, anyone can appear more slender—instantly.

  • The effect is subtle—subjects still look like themselves
  • Can be adjusted for a more dramatic effect
  • See a before and after version, then decide which to keep
Here is the previev of before and after affect :

for more details visit this link on the official HP site :


Fun Video

Step on the traedmill once it starts moving :), thats dangerous.



Saturday, September 16, 2006

PVR online ticket booking is funny

I had planned to go for a movie this saturday with few of my friends and tried to book tickets online for “Lage Raho Munna Bhai”. I went to the official website of PVR registered there and finally logged in to book tickets for eight people, it showed error message “Could not allocate all seats in a contiguous block”.

I tried booking for 4 it still showed the same error message, 2 and still the same error message… Finally I tried to book only 1 ticket and guess what??? it still showed me the same error message.

It’s been just a few months that PVR has come to Hyderabad and I love it but the part that I dont like is that It doesnt have an easy booking system(at least for people like me who wants everything to be done online)